The Knight Cappers Let Their Light Shine

teacupOn Saturday March 23 the Knight Cappers let their light shine at their Sixth-Annual Tea Party which had as its theme “This Little Light of Mine: Celebrating  Unique Cultures and Gifts.”  The tea was held at Helldorfer Hall at two in the afternoon with a ticketed attendance of nearly 70. Guests enjoyed a variety of freshly brewed teas and a wide selection of dainties such as cucumber sandwiches, scones, bite-sized cakes and brownies and sweets, and fresh fruit. All the refreshments were home-made by and served by youth group members and Knight Cappers. The entertainment program included presentations from parishioners about their cultures of origin complete with historical and personal backgrounds, and examples of native song and dance.  Guests sang along to traditional songs, including a rousing round of Frere Jacques, and were quizzed on Catholic cultural trivia.  The Knights assisted with preparation, music, clean up, and water boiling.