Installation of Officers (Photos)

In July, Council 511 officially installed the officers for the new fraternal year in conjunction with our neighbor Council 11264 (Rose of Lima).  The worthy District Deputy, Thai Nguen first installed District Warden Kenny Kyle:


Then the officers of both councils were installed. Grand Knight Bill Moore:


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Marian Club Annual Meeting Report

We had excellent attendance at the Marian Club’s annual meeting and were able to conduct the necessary business of the club.  Thanks to all who came out.

The new directors appointed to the club are: Joe Caruso (to fill out a 1 year term) and Gil Silva (to fill a 3 year slot).  There remains a director vacancy, please contact any club or council officers if you are interested.

More importantly, we have amended the bylaws to change the director’s meeting schedule.  Director’s meetings are now to be held quarterly, two weeks before general club meetings.  That is, the 3rd Thursday of a month with 5 Thursdays each quarter.  The next general membership meeting will be October 30, making the next board of directors meeting October 16.

Rich Baker has been tasked with replacing the ladder we need for accessing the ceiling.

Finally, the supreme council would like to remind us that the KofC name and logo are not to be used by the home corporation (Marian Club) for any purposes not associated with Council 511 business. Practically, this means that our hall is “Helldorfer Hall,” not the “Knights of Columbus Hall” for the purposes of Marian Club contracts and business. Please see Art Kelly if there are any questions regarding this policy.